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Coozy McMillan
Coozy McMillan
Home Ohhhh, heyyyy, welcome to my web site, myan. This is liike, some sort of web comic or something, I think. You can totally like click here and start reading it from the start, and... ... Oh, if you have any queeestions, there's this page. Myaann.

Although I have scripts for future comics that I think would be really good, I don't have time to continue this comic anymore because I'm working on other things. You can check out my main website Snubby Land for more info. I hope to continue this comic one day, but don't hold your breath. Thanks for reading!
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And there's liiike, this other web site called Snubby Land where there's liiiike, other stuff, but liiike, more of it. Snubby Land is the main site. Myaaaaaann.
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